dj rumcajz photo It all started back in 2001. There was a radio show that changed my life. Two gentlemen (DJs Carlo & Truhlik) were delivering the best house records. I didn't know at that time this was the music that will change me so much...Actually I wasnt listening to it, I recorded it...I listened to that session on another day and fell in love with house music forever.

Next episode was enjoying tons of house radio stations all over the world during studies at college. Another big influence came up very quickly, it was the PlanetSoul Network radio. A lot of quality house music mixes. As the first mentioned radio show was mostly vocal, funky & disco house, PlanetSoul took me deeper...

After one year of listening I decided to start djing which was definitely the best decision I ever made because it gives me a lot of joy every time I spin.

During the one and half year of residency in a local club and also some gigs of out of town I fine-tuned my taste in music to something which has soul but it is bumpy and happy enough to make the crowd crazy :-)